General conditions

These general conditions are passed on to each trainee with the entry form.

The registration corresponds to the agreement of the general conditions, and is complete only after the signature of the cessation of the image rights, the parental permission for the minor trainees and the medical certificate to practice dance.

The academy is under legal responsibility of the Atelier Ballet and the Conservatoire Darius Milhaud.

It is designed to non-professional (at least a three-year experience is required) and future professional dancers.
ACA reserves the right not to validate a registration if the trainee's level seems insufficient (see the prerequisites for each class).

The organisers guarantee that the legal obligations are respected, as far as the teachers and guest artists' skills and the quality of the premises are concerned.



The settlement of a down payment is compulsory in order to register. The whole payment has to be made before June, the 15th.

Every started class has to be fully paid.

In case of a withdrawal, the down payment will be cashed.

The organisers reserve the right to make some changes - hours, teachers - that will not justify the reimbursement of the sums conferred. However, in case of a cancellation decided by the organisers, the sums conferred will be fully reimbursed.


Rules for living

The trainee commits to read carefully the safety instructions, and also the resulting special instructions. 

The trainee must follow up the schedule corresponding to his/her level ans cannot change on its own initiative.

The teachers reserve the right to change the level of the trainees during the week.

During the classes, in order to respect the work of the trainees, the access to the studios is exclusively reserved to the trainees and the teachers.

The smartphones and the tablets must be switched off in the studio and during the classes.


Trainees are requested not to wear jewellery during the classes.
It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the enclosure of the conservatoire.



Every trainee certifies to be medically allowed to practice dance, and to have taken out a public liability insurance. 

If after the registration, he/she knew that he/she had some health problems which could have an influence on the successful performance of the dance course, he/she commits to share it with the Academy in writing.
Moreover, he/she allows every medical or surgical intervention considered as vital by a qualified doctor. He/she commits to cover the costs incurred (if the trainee is minor, the parents/legal representatives commit to pay the financial burden). The supervisory beyond the classes is not taken in charge by the organisers.

The organiser's responsibility cannot be engaged for any bodily or material harm caused or suffered by a trainee or a companion, that being during the classes or the workshops.

The organiser accepts no responsibility in case of loss or theft of the trainees' personal effects.


Image rights

It is forbidden to film or to take any photo on the course site (the organisers reserve the exclusiveness and the right). The organisers reserve the possibility, ex gratia or without compensation, to use the trainees' image on a commercial and advertising purpose exclusively in the interest of the academy, on all supports.



Any breach to these rules or to the politeness rules, any behaviour considered inappropriate in the enclosure of the premises or around can lead to an temporary or definitive expulsion. In that case, there will be no reimbursement. 


Logos Conservatoire et AB  

Design and pictures (*): Nicolas Jullien and Karine Aznar for Atelier Ballet d'Aix-en-Provence
(* except artist and teacher’s personal pictures)